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What Is ErrorBook?

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ErrorBook is a Tech Site with its main focus on Resolving Computer Errors that arise during the installation of any specific Software or Games. We also write, Product Reviews and Comparisons, Gaming and Tech Industry News, Guides to help everyone get better at Games, and Detailed Informative Articles explaining your favorite Hardware, Software, and Games.

What Happens When You Encounter Any Errors In Your Devices, Games, And Other Equipment? You Do A Quick Google Search With The Provided Error Code To Check What’s Wrong And What’s The Procedure To Fix It.

Have You Ever Noticed How Many Search Results And YouTube Videos You Go Through Before Finding The Correct Solution And Discovering The Exact Problem Behind That Error? How Much Time Do You Spend Every Year In Fixing The Errors You Come Across?

ErrorBook Is The Only Solution You’ll Ever Need To Fix All Sorts Of Errors. Whether You Encountered PC Errors Or Your Smart Refrigerator Is Speaking Stupid Alphanumeric Words, Just Give Us The Error Code And Get The Exact, Accurate Guide To Help Yourself Out Of It.

Meet The Team

Our Experts

alberto araujo

Alberto Araujo

Sr. Writer & Editor, Argentina

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Bilal Khan

Sr. Writer & Editor, Pakistan

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Anna Bonilla

Sr. Writer & Editor, Philippines

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anthony adewuyi

Anthony Adewuyi

Sr. Writer & Editor, Nigeria

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Syed Shahmir

Jr. Writer, Pakistan

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shayan ahmed shaikh

Shayan Ahmed

Error Terminator, Pakistan

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Sameer Ahmed

Content Researcher, Pakistan

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Saad Wakeel

Full Stack Marketer

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Future Of ErrorBook

In the near future, we will be building an ErrorBook HQ and expanding ourselves to create video content. Yes! Soon you’ll be watching product reviews on our official YouTube Channel, instead of reading. My goal is to grow ErrorBook into something as big as PC Gamer and turn it into one of the most reliable sources to read Tech News or Product Reviews.

July 2, 2022
ErrorBook’s Website Launched

ErrorBook is live! We are ready to break all records and become one of the fastest-growing gaming and tech news publication and blog.

July 2, 2022
January 2, 2023
ErrorBook’s Headquarters

An HQ for the ErrorBook family where the team and fans can join together and spend a great time. We’ll also be building a studio to record our future reviews.

January 2, 2023
February 2, 2023
ErrorBook’s YouTube Channel

We are looking forward to create our own YouTube channel where we will be reviewing gadgets, hardware components, and other cool stuff to help you buy better products.

February 2, 2023
December 2, 2023
ErrorBook’s Research Department

ErrorBook will be building a R&D center where tests and researches will be carried out to build amazing and better gaming accessories & products.

December 2, 2023
January 2, 2077
What’s Next?

Got an amazing idea that we should be working on? We love to hear feedback. Scroll further to find our email address.

January 2, 2077

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