Alberto Araujo

Alberto Araujo

Alberto Araujo is a former tech support professional that had a change of heart and now aims to write top-notch tech content for his readers. Writer, digital nomad, tech-geek and hunger for knowledge, that’s how you can describe him. If you want to learn about technology, building PCs, and software applications to make your life easier, his content is for you.

Alberto's Expertise

During his time working at a Tech Store, Alberto has learnt about countless mistakes that buyers make during their purchasing decision. At ErrorBook, he tries to cover all of those mistakes and help buyers make the right buying decisions. Below are all the hardware components that fall under Alberto's Expertise. If you've got any questions regarding any of the components below, feel free to either comment on one of his posts or send an email to

amplifier iconAmplifiers
battery iconBatteries
cable iconCables
optical drive iconOptical Drives
smartphone iconSmartphones
smartwatch iconSmartwatches
plotter iconPlotters
projector iconProjectors
smart glasses iconSmart Glasses
sound card icon finalSound Cards
thermal paste iconThermal Pastes
trackball icon finalTrackballs
ethernet iconEthernet
light pen iconLight Pens
mousepad iconMouse Pads
camera iconCameras
computer fan iconCase Fans

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