Anna Bonilla

Anna Bonilla

Anna isn't just any ordinary Computer Hardware Expert, she's highly skilled and multi-talented. She's a graphic designer, a writer, and a social media expert. At ErrorBook, she helps her readers in understanding the purpose of different hardware components and also helps pick the best PC Parts for their money. She also loves babysitting her nephews, baking, and crafting coffee.

Anna's Expertise

When it comes to picking the best components and peripherals for the money, Anna is truly an expert. Got Questions? Reach out to her at or comment under one of her posts. Below are all the hardware components that she covers at ErrorBook.

headphone iconHeadphones
headset iconHeadsets
microphone iconMicrophones
motherboard iconMotherboards
operating system iconOperating Systems
keyboard iconKeyboards
pc case iconPC Cases
psu iconPower Supply Units
printer iconPrinters
cpu iconProcessors
scanner iconScanners
speaker iconSpeakers
stylus pen iconStylus Pens
vr headsets iconVR Headsets
webcam iconWebcams
computer mouse iconComputer Mouses
game controller iconGame Controllers

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