Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan

Bilal might look like a Bearded Caucasian right out of a Viking movie but trust me he's a native Pakistani. He has a long list of hobbies among which staying updated on the Latest Technology and Hardware happens to be on the top. If you are looking for detailed hardware explanations through no tricky terminologies, follow him to read Tech Content curated perfectly for the human brain.

Bilal's Expertise

Below are Bilal's all Tech Obsessions that he loves to write about. Undoubtedly he is also an expert in the hardware below so in case you want some recommendations from him, you can always reach him out at

ssd iconSolid-State Drives
storage device iconStorage Devices
usb flash drive iconUSB Flash Drives
usb hub iconUSB Hubs
usb iconUSBs
pc cooler iconCPU Coolers
ups iconComputer UPSes
computer iconComputers
graphics card iconGraphics Cards
ram iconRAMs
rom iconROMs
router iconRouters
graphic tablet iconGraphics Tablets
hard disk drive iconHard Disk Drives
monitor iconMonitors
laptop iconLaptops
modem iconModems

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