Buying A CPU Cooler: The Most-Awaited Guide!

Part of general-purpose computers since the very beginning, CPU coolers have gone through a drastic change in the last few decades. If you look at the CPU coolers from the 70s or 80s and compare them with their modern counterparts, you will be able to spot the key differences in no time.

From the form factor to the design, everything would seem way different than what you can find in modern CPU Coolers. Yeah, you can find some similarities but those would be quite rare.

Historically, CPU coolers were subject to tons of experiments. The modern shape of CPU Coolers is a result of decades of R&D. Today, there are several types of CPU Coolers available on the market.

A modern CPU Cooler is multiple times more powerful than a number of CPU Coolers from the 80s combined. Thanks to the heavyweight computers packed with tons of hardware, the demand for CPU Coolers is growing rapidly unlike ever before.

Whether it’s the past, present, or future, CPU Coolers are going to be there as long as the CPUs are there. With a CPU Cooler comes a simple question about its importance in modern-day computing and the reason you need one for your PC.

be quiet! bw006 pure loop 240mm all in one liquid cooler
Be Quiet! BW006 Pure Loop 240mm All-in-One Liquid Cooler
Top Pick
noctua nh d15 chromax black
Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black
Also Great
cooler master masterair ma410m
Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M

Why Do You Need A CPU Cooler?

The answer to this question lies in the importance of the CPU. Considered the PC’s brain, the CPU works every single nanosecond to perform tons of commands.

Every single component of the computer relies on the CPU to play its role in the computing process. Keeping all the components intact, the CPU has to make huge efforts to run PC’s operations. Consequently, the CPU’s temperature rises up to the extent where heat dissipation becomes mandatory.

If left as it is, the rising temperature of the CPU damages the PC hardware. Despite the small size of the CPU, its heat can prove to be harmful to the overall health of the PC. Remember, the higher the PC temperature, the worse its performance.

Now, If you care for your PC, you would want to invest in a Cooler that can drive or dissipate the heat from the CPU to keep it cool.

In the war against computer warming, a CPU Cooler can be your best ally. A PC needs a CPU Cooler as much as one needs AC these hot days. CPU cooling is the best way to stop the heat from affecting the PC hardware and keep the PC cool enough for enhanced performance.

How To Buy A CPU Cooler?

While buying the right CPU Cooler is quite simple for some, it is a hell of a challenge for others. That’s partly because a lot of PC users don’t have a clue about how computer warming works.

If you are one of those PC users, you know it can be energy-draining to read tons of guides on how to buy a CPU Cooler. Since you are here on this page, you don’t have to go through any other guide any more. Take a chill pill and memorize the following content that would assist you in buying the right CPU Cooler.

Form Factor And CPU Socket

Not all PC Cases share the same size, internal structure, and form factor. Hence, CPU Coolers are designed in accordance with the different sizes of the Computer Chassis. While some CPU Coolers are small enough to be easily installed easily into any chassis, others are large enough to occupy the entire internal space of some Computer Cases. Keeping the form factor in mind, don’t pick up a CPU Cooler that can’t be adjusted into a PC. In easy words, you need to make sure there is enough space available so that your cooling system doesn’t interfere with other components such as RAMs. A question here, how to know what form factor is suitable for your PC? Well do nothing and just check out the case of your PC which would possibly contain a user manual with guidelines about installing a CPU Cooler.

TDP Rating

TDP (Thermal Design Point) Rating is an important factor to be considered before buying a CPU Cooler. If you miss it, you are unlikely to make a great deal to cool your PC. As per the definition, TDP Rating refers to the amount of heat released by the CPU or GPU. And for the CPU Cooler, TDP Rating translates to its ability to combat the heat produced by the CPU or GPU. You are supposed to check out the TDP Rating of the CPU Cooler you want to buy and compare it with the TDP Rating of your PC’s CPU. Straightforwardly, if the TDP Rating of the CPU Cooler is higher than the TDP Rating of the CPU, it just means it is a great thing to be invested in. Similarly, if the TDP Rating of the CPU Cooler is lower than the TDP Rating of the CPU, it’s something you should not waste your money on. How to check out the TDP Ratings? All you need to do is take a look at the brand websites of the CPU Cooler and the CPU and you can find out their TDP Ratings.

CPU Socket Compatibility

Apart from the overall height or size, also make sure the CPU Cooler can sit well on the CPU socket. It’s because CPU Coolers come in different sizes for CPU sockets. Therefore, it is quite important to ensure that the CPU Cooler you are getting your hands on will be compatible with the CPU socket. However, there are a few cases such as AMD’s AM4 and AM5 sockets where the AM5 sockets are designed in such a way that they are fully compatible with the AM4 Sockets.

No Or Low Noise

Do CPU Coolers make noises? Yes, they do for sure. Super thanks to the speedy fans, CPU Coolers are notoriously famous for making noises. Not a must-have thing, but it sounds to be good to go for a CPU Cooler that doesn’t make unwanted noises. Going for a noiseless CPU Cooler can be beneficial for you to maintain longer attention spans and be well focused on the computer screen. What’s the quick tip to get a quiet CPU Cooler? Memorize the fact, that the bigger the fans the quieter the CPU Cooler would be. If you are getting to my point, you have got to get a CPU Cooler that features bigger fans which would result in low or no noises at all. To be specific, a CPU Cooler featuring 140mm fans is likely to be less noisy than a CPU Cooler featuring smaller fans. As an exception, a CPU Cooler backed with small fans and fewer noises is not a bad option either.


Now comes the point where you will have to decide the amount of money you can spend on a CPU Cooler. Setting a no specific budget can be troubling. It’s smart to start by setting a budget and go for what you want. CPU Coolers come with a bunch of different price tags. An Air Cooler usually starts from $30-$40 bucks, its price can reach more than a $100 easily. Similarly, a fine AIO Cooler featuring decent specs can set you back for $100-$150. If you look at the price of a Liquid Cooler, it can be more than the combined prices of an Air Cooler and an AIO Cooler. Generally, Liquid Coolers tend to be the most expensive type of CPU cooling devices. And why they shouldn’t be? After all, they feature the best cooling technology applied to the monstrous CPUs. Whatever you do choose wisely if you don’t want to end up not having enough money to spend on peripherals.

Select The Type

Primarily, there are three types of CPU Coolers that you will have to take a look at. To name each of them, the first is Air Cooler, the second is AIO Cooler and the third is Liquid Cooler. Arranging in order, Air Coolers have existed for the longest time period and they are considered to be the entry-level solution to CPU cooling. Liquid Coolers weren’t widely used in PCs until more than a decade ago. Liquid Coolers are the highest-standard solution for heat dissipation in PCs. Coming to the AIO Coolers, these devices were first applied to cool the PCs in 2011. They lay in the middle of the Air Coolers and Liquid Coolers in terms of quality.

ErrorBook always comes with a recommended list of products for the audiences. Since you are here to master the art of buying a CPU Cooler, ErrorBook has created a list of three CPU Coolers that may meet your requirements. These CPU Coolers are loaded with up-to-date features that will provide your PC with a cover-up mechanism to combat the heat generated by the CPU. Sounds fair enough? Dive into the recommendation section and unlock each CPU Cooler for detailed scrutiny.

Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black

The pride of Noctua’s fleet of CPU Coolers, this machine is a fine example of extreme engineering applied to cool CPUs. If you take a look at the specification list of Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black, it speaks for its awesomeness itself. The device is characterized as a high-standard Air CPU Cooler with an award on its name. It features thick black fans teamed with anti-vibration pads for premium performance.

Basically an Air CPU Cooler, It is supported by a complex design featuring multiple heat pipes divided into a couple of towers. The heat pipes are provided with enough space for efficient heat distribution that accelerates the CPU cooling process. Prioritizing the comfort, the manufacturer has boosted the NH-D15 with a couple of 140mm fans to dissipate heat from a powerful CPU.

Talking of compatibility, Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black can be mounted on all types of CPU sockets using the NM-13 mounting kit provided by the manufacturer. The mounting kit guarantees compatibility with all future CPU sockets and ensures you get the most out of the cooling device. And If none of this impressed you, the warranty time period definitely would. The NH-D15 comes with 6 years of warranty which means once you get it, you don’t have to get another cooling device for more than half a decade. If you compare it with others, this sounds to be a fair deal for a not-so-bad price.


2 NF-A15 HS-PWM Fans

300–1500RPM Fan Speed

Max 24.6dB(A) Noise Level



Compatible With All CPU Sockets

Long-Term Warranty


Simple Design

Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M

Backed with multiple RGB LEDs, the Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M is unlike the average Air CPU Coolers notoriously famed for low-key performance. Sticking to the RGB LEDs only, the device offers a set of satisfactory features. For example, if the CPU is at maximum load, the device will turn red. Similarly, If the CPU is at normal load, its color will change from red to blue.

Additionally, it also provides an RBG controller allowing you to change the LEDs’ color. It has as many as 4 heat pipes aligned in a sequence for superior heat dissipation. There are a couple of aluminum fans attached to the device to support the overall cooling process. The cooling machine has a pretty tough body making it a portable fortress best suitable for cooling a mid-level PC.

The Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M is a fascinating cooling device known for its above-average features that make a huge difference to cool a PC. If you don’t have a limited budget and have a love for Air CPU Coolers, you better consider MA410M than anything else.


 2 120 x 25mm RGB Fans

31 dB Noise Level

1247g Base Weight


RGB LED Controller

Tough Exterior

Fast CPU Cooling


Little Bit Of Extra Noise

Be Quiet! BW006 Pure Loop 240mm All-in-One Liquid Cooler

Primarily speaking, this Liquid CPU Cooler is the only cooling device you need to regulate the internal temperature of a high-powered PC. It is powered by a couple of 120mm fans for reduced noise throughout the operation. The super fast fans boost the cooling process ensuring the internal temperature of the PC remains under control all the time.

The Be Quiet! BW006 Pure Loop 240mm All-in-One Liquid Cooler carries a powerful decoupled pump as a standard means to cool the CPU effectively. It uses the force of water to neutralize the temperature and keep the heat away from the CPU. The duo of white LED illumination and refill ports make it a fine cooling device for ultra-powerful CPUs.

No matter how hard the CPU runs, BW006 can lower the temperature in no time. The cooling device keeps the CPU cool enough to increase its productivity and allow it to perform high-end operations without getting heated up. The BW006 Liquid CPU Cooler provides efficient CPU cooling to heavyweight PCs at an affordable cost. Comparing the performance, this device has a great potential to outclass most CPU Liquid Coolers by a great margin.


2 120mm Fans

39.5 dB Noise Level

LED Illumination


High Performance For The Price

Quiet Operations



Short-Term Warranty Compared To Others

Questions Asked By CPU Cooler Buyers

As we are getting close to wrapping up the guide, it is time to address the FAQs asked by the CPU Cooler Buyers. Each FAQ contains some valuable information to further clear your concept about CPU Coolers. Follow the section below to check out all the questions along with the answers.

Wrap Up

Speaking from a realistic perspective, CPU Coolers are quite vital to the health of PCs. They manage to keep the monstrous computing machines from getting overheated. There is no way modern PC’s can be operated without a proper CPU Cooler.

Consider the above-mentioned factors as your ticket to getting the right CPU Cooler. When shopping for a CPU Cooler, these factors will lead you to get the best possible device for your PC.

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