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The arrival of Apple to the market meant a change in the technology we knew. They were the first to develop new and more advanced devices with more functions and, of course, better aesthetics.

what are ios smartphones
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For example, Apple introduced the concept of an app store, which allowed users to browse and download applications from their devices. 

This gave developers more freedom than they had on other platforms of the time, as they did not have to submit their applications to a single store or carrier.

But this is not all that Apple gave us. 

iOS smartphones are not a new way to stay connected, but they don’t stop surprising us. Let’s take a look at everything related to these products.

What Are iOS Smartphones?

Apple’s iOS operating system is a mobile OS that powers all of the company’s iPhones, iPads, and iPods. It was developed by Steve Jobs and was first introduced in 2007 with the iPhone. It has been updated every year since then.

Apple has taken steps to make its phones more secure, such as adding features like biometric authentication and encryption by default.

When it comes to Apple-branded smartphones, the first iPhone in history had a capacitive touch screen, speaker, headphone port, microphone, 2MP camera, EDGE, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Since then, Apple has worked to improve its devices, now including:

5G connectivity.
3 cameras in its newest devices such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max.
Face ID (facial recognition).

Apple’s most notable smartphones have been the iPhone 6 Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, iPhone X or XR, its cheap SE version, and the new range of iPhones 11, 12, 13, whose designs are similar to the iPhone 5, with a square aesthetic but with an average size.

Features of iOS Smartphones

iOS is a great way to get started with smartphones. It’s easy to use, flexible and powerful. 

If you want to stay in touch with friends and family, find your way around new places or listen to music on the go, there are lots of great features available for you.

Operating System

The operating system for Apple mobile devices is iOS. It has been updated since its launch in 2007, but the most current version is 15.6. This version is no longer available with iPhone 6 and older models.


The camera has always been a highlight of iOS smartphones. 

The latest models have a macro photography function with a midnight ultra wide-angle camera, advanced lens, and autofocus system.

With these new models, you can also record macro videos in 4K, as well as slow motion and time-lapse.


Older iPhone models had a capacity of 16GB. However, recent models on the market have capacities of 64GB, 128GB, 258GB, 512GB, or expandable up to 1TB.


The iPhone started with a 1219 mAh battery in the iPhone 3GS. Now, the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, has a 4352 mAh battery. 

It also has a new addition called MagSafe, a wireless fast charge that is available as an accessory for the new iPhone.

Facial Identification

Simply place your face in front of the Face ID camera to securely unlock your iPhone. 

You can use this easy recognition to authorize App Store and iTunes Store purchases or make payments via Apple Pay.

Voice Assistant

With VoiceOver, you can perform any task such as sending a message, making a call, or creating a new note on your phone. 

iOS smartphones also feature Siri, an artificial intelligence assistant that can help you perform basic tasks within your phone, set alarms, look for information on the internet, etc.

How do IOS Smartphones work?

To allow you to use touch commands that require multiple fingers to operate, iOS smartphones use a technology that includes a touch screen made of a layer of capacitive material whose capacitors are perfectly positioned according to a coordinate system.

The iPhone software and processor are important to understand how the touch screen input works. 

The capacitive material sends the touch location data to the iPhone processor. This processor, with the help of the software located in the iPhone’s memory, interprets this data as gestures and commands.

Uses of IOS Smartphones

iOS is used by millions of people all over the world. The main reason for this is that it is easy to use, and the apps are simple as well.


The first use is to use it as a communication device. These phones are designed to be able to communicate via text (iMessage), email, phone calls, and even video conferencing (FaceTime).


You can use IOS smartphones for banking and money management purposes. There are various apps available that allow you to monitor your bank accounts, pay bills, transfer funds, and more. 

Besides, you can have your Apple Wallet to pay via Apple Pay.


IOS smartphones have an excellent display quality which helps you to enjoy videos, photos, and other multimedia content with ease on your device. 

You can also watch movies on these devices by downloading them from the iTunes store.

Take Photos and Record Videos

Thanks to its high-resolution cameras you can take pictures or record videos without worrying about low light or far away objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap Up

The iPhone is a great way to introduce yourself to this kind of technology. It’s easy to use and affordable – depending on the model. 

This makes it ideal for people who want to be on the cutting edge of technology but don’t have a lot of money. 

If you’re more interested in using your phone for work than playing games or watching videos, an iPhone might just be what you need.

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