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Smartwatches have positioned themselves in our lives, bringing many interesting features that blend seamlessly with our smartphones and our day-to-day life.

what are wear os basic smartwatches
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So, surely, you have heard a couple of times about the famous Wear OS, which is an operating system for smartwatches created by Google.

Many companies nowadays have adopted this operating system for the design of their smartwatches, offering a wide range of modern applications and functionalities, ranging from making calls, to counting your steps during the day.

In this article, we want to share information that may be useful to you when buying some of these wrist devices, especially if it is a Wear OS Basic Smartwatch.

What Are Wear OS Basic Smartwatches?

The Wear OS Basic Smartwatch is a bracelet wearable gadget that presents. In addition to the functions of a watch, there are other utilities related to connectivity and healthy lifestyle habits. 

When we talk about Wear OS, we refer to an operating system developed by Google, which is based on Android and designed for smartwatches and other wearable devices.

Until some time ago, Wear OS was known as Android Wear, but since its version 2.10 was presented by Google, it has adopted the official name of Wear OS.

One of the biggest attractions of Wear OS is that it has the integrated Google Assistant, which allows you to manage the smartwatch by voice. Also, you can perform some tasks that you can do with the assistant on your mobile, such as:

Receive weather information.
Find answers to questions.
Manage your music.
Manage your Google calendar, tasks, and reminders.
Receive notifications of calls and messages.

It is important to emphasize that Wear OS Basic Smartwatches are designed to accomplish certain conventional tasks, so they may not support special functions, such as measuring heart rate or recording certain activities, such as swimming or using Google Maps.

So, these devices are designed for users, they do not warrant a smartwatch to perform such specific activities.

Features of a Wear OS Basic Smartwatch

Among the most important features of the Wear OS Basic Smartwatches, the following stand out:


In today’s market, there are many Wear OS Basic Smartwatches in different shapes and sizes, from sporty aesthetics to sophisticated old-school pieces. 


Depending on the needs and lifestyle of the user, there are different options, including:

Answering calls.
Interact on social networks.
Take pictures and videos.
Make video calls.

Simple and intuitive to use

Wear OS Basic Smartwatches have full-color touch screens that are highly intuitive to use.


The Wear OS operating system is compatible with android devices and iPhone terminals, but only from certain versions, such as android 6.0 and iOS 11.4. 

Long battery life

Unlike smartphones, Wear OS Basic Smartwatches functionalities don’t consume a lot of battery and can last for several weeks on a single charge.

How does a Wear OS Basic Smartwatch work?

Generally, a Wear OS Basic Smartwatch needs to be connected to a smartphone in order to perform to its full potential. 

However, there are brands that have equipped their basic smartwatches with LTE connectivity systems, which allows the device to be used even when the cell phone is left at home.

The smartwatch is then paired via Bluetooth, which gives you an easy and simple setup.

Once both devices are connected, you can choose which notifications you want to receive on your wrist.

Uses of Wear OS Basic Smartwatches

The uses of a smartwatch can vary by model, price, and type of manufacturer. However, most basic smartwatches have the following uses and functions:

Check the Calendar

Most basic smartwatches have a calendar, so you can check important dates and even set reminders.

Listen to Music

These watches have an internal memory so you can store MP3 files inside, but it is also possible to install Spotify to listen to music. You just need headphones with a Bluetooth connection to start hearing your favorite songs.

See the Weather

Another use of basic smartwatches is to use applications that can tell you, in advance, what the weather will be like in your area.

Answering Calls

A great feature of smartwatches is the synchronization with our cell phone, so that they work as an extension of it, allowing us to listen to and answer the calls we receive on our phone from our wrists. 

This is only possible if the watch has a built-in microphone.


One of the most interesting points of smartwatches is everything they offer with respect to fitness and exercise. 

The basic smartwatches offer numerous training modes you can follow.

Receive All Notifications from Your Smartphone

Another of the basic functions of a smartwatch is getting notifications or at least those that you filter. This includes Whatsapp, Gmail, etc.

See What Time It Is

After so many different functions, we may have forgotten that our smartwatch, although it is smart, is still a wristwatch. So, you can see the time whenever you want on it like on a traditional watch and even change its appearance whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap Up

Wear OS is Google’s OS for wearable devices and smartwatches. It is a simple and lightweight operating system that is perfect for wearable devices with a limited number of features. 

Wear OS is also compatible with all major operating systems, so your app will work with iOS and Android. 

If you are looking for a basic smartwatch that offers a lot of features and a great price, then always look for the most recognized brands!

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