What Is A Cable Modem? The Backbone Of Cable Internet!

A Cable Modem enjoys the privileges that no other type of Modem can afford to have. Thanks to the hyper-fast wired internet connections, Cable Modems can taste the fastest internet speed. Whether you talk about the internet speed or the uninterrupted internet connectivity, It is incredibly hard to beat the Cable Modems.

what is a cable modem
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When compared with Wireless Modems and DSL Modems, Cable Modems deliver better results being the industry leaders.

A Cable Modem easily outranks and outruns all other types of Modems. Predominantly, In the domain of internet speed, it’s a game-changing device

Having said this, how a Cable Modem manages to maintain the top spot in the Modem market? And what does it has to offer to the internet users that are not just looking for ways to increase the internet speed but also want to improve the internet experience?

To get the simplest answers to these questions and to others, you are recommended to read the post through the end.

What Is A Cable Modem?

Basically a hardware device, a Cable Modem receives the landline internet from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and shares it with the computer and WiFi router. As the name suggests, the Cable Modem connects to the internet using the same cable system provided to the Television.

The job responsibility of a Cable Modem is to be in the middle of the ISP and the computer or WiFi router and deliver data translation for both to communicate with each other. A Cable Modem is an integral component of cable-based internet service delivered to households all around the world.

How Does A Cable Modem Work?

Have you ever come across a language translator? Well, that’s what a Cable Modem does! While being in the middle of the ISP and the computer, a Cable Modem receives the signals from both ends.

Since the ISP and the computer exchange signals in two very different languages, the Cable Modem has to intervene and decode the signals into their respective languages.

Learning the phenomenon of decoding the signals needs no brain game. It is plain simple and easy to understand.

As the mode of communication, the ISP sends analog signals to the computer or the WiFi router. Just for the sake of your knowledge, analog signals are the most common data sending language for most ISPs.

However, a computer or a WiFi router can’t understand the analog signals. Therefore, the Cable Modem translates the analog signals into digital signals that could be read by the receiving devices.

And when the computer tries to communicate with the ISP using digital signals, the Cable Modem converts them into analog signals.

Features Of A Cable Modem

Cable Modem offers a heavy pack of features to internet consumers. These updated features allow internet consumers to easily differentiate a Cable Modem from its counterparts. For your ease, I am listing these features below.

Blistering Speed

Hi-speed internet connectivity is one of the premium features a Cable Modem has to offer. Based on the plan you acquired from the cable-based ISP, the speed of a Cable Modem ranges from 100-500 (Mbps). The uncatchable internet speed is sufficient for over a dozen home networking devices. With such blistering internet speed, you can enjoy heavy web browsing, video streaming and so much more.


Get a cable-based internet service coupled with a Cable Modem installed in your household or office and you would never regret it. You must be wondering Why? It’s because the combo of landline internet and Cable Modem provides a reliable internet connection. For the majority of internet consumers, a reliable connection is the top perk of their internet plan.

DOCSIS Support

A Cable Modem features DOCSIS support as a must-have thing for a cable-based internet connection. Short for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification, DOCSIS is compulsory to increase the bandwidth data transfer of a cable-based television system.

If a Cable Modem comes without DOCSIS support, the cable internet would suffer from decreased bandwidth data transfer. Most Cable Modems feature 3.0 and 3.1 versions of DOCSIS to up the bandwidth.

Average Price Of A Cable Modem

DOCSIS version is the major factor in the pricing of Cable Modems. A Cable Modem featuring DOCSIS 3.0 is likely to cost you $50-$100. For the said amount of money, the modem can offer 400-800mbps of speed which is sufficient for a glorious internet experience.

If you want to switch to a DOCSIS 3.1 supported Cable Modem, you will have to pay double the amount of the previous version. Wondering What that extra money is for? It’s a blazing speed of 1500-2000Mbps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap Up

With hundreds of Modem sellers active in the market, it is could be exhausting to know who is selling the best Modems. But don’t you worry, I am here to assist my audience. Generally, I don’t recommend brands or products, but I will not let it be the case today. If you want an above-average Cable Modem, I would suggest you pick up one from NETGEAR’s fleet.

NETGEAR is the premium brand of Cable Modems. Apart from NETGEAR, you could also try a Cable Modem with the brand tag of Motorola. These two brands have been widely recognized for delivering one of the best Cable Modems at reasonable prices.

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