What Is A Chromebook? Google’s Laptop For Android Apps!

First introduced for mathematical calculations, computers have transformed into multi-purpose machines in just a couple of decades. The portable computing solution aka laptop has changed everything for personal computer users. They are lightweight, durable, and affordable in all aspects.

what is a chromebook
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While laptops have been used for more or less the same purpose, their different operating systems, specifications, and form factors have diversified the domain of computing.

Based on the operating systems, there are five types of laptops in the PC market. While you are already aware of the names of macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems, there is one that debuted just a decade ago. And It’s none other than the ChromeOS introduced by Google.

Google’s move to introduce ChromeOS means the company plans to provide computing solutions to its constantly growing customer base.

To make it clear to the dominant players of the PC industry, Google came up with its own computing product in 2011. Called Chromebook, it was a personal computer with limited functionality.

Now after a decade, Chromebook still exists. Not as an average personal computer, but a little bit more than that. To get more insight into a Chromebook, we will have to get to its definition.

What Is A Chromebook?

Running on ChromeOS, a Chromebook is a lightweight laptop built by Google to specifically enhance the web browsing experience. It is similar to any other general-purpose laptop both in terms of form factor and features. Putting UIs out of the equation, the only element that separates a Chromebook from macOS and Windows laptops is its ability to run android apps.

By using a Chromebook, you can have access to thousands of Android apps that otherwise can’t be used on most other laptops without using a 3rd part emulator. Apart from the Android apps and basic features, Chromebook also offers built-in Google apps such as Gmail, Docs, Map, and many more.

The idea behind a Chromebook is to normalize the use of Google apps in laptops and provide users with an Internet-dominated computing experience.

Features Of A Chromebook

Chromebooks are getting so popular that they outsold everybody’s favorite MacBook in 2020. As per its size, weight, and price tag, a Chromebook offers a good number of features. You can scroll down to read all of them.


Chromebooks’ premium features include a touchscreen for pro-level computing. A touchscreen provides PC users with a new way to instantly scroll and swipe the content. You can change the content on the screen at your own comfort. A touchscreen is one of the many things I would want to have on my laptop. Fortunately, touchscreen-enabled laptops have secured a good chunk of the laptop market and there a time would come when touchscreen would be a must-have feature of laptops.


If you suffer from frequent internet outages, you need a Chromebook more than anybody else. Why? Because Chromebooks are known for offline data access. So, even if your internet dies out, you don’t have to worry about it. You can access all your important Google documents and spreadsheets offline and they will get updated automatically as soon as you get online again.


Battery life is the main area of focus for laptop manufacturers. If your laptop’s battery life is short, it would eventually affect your productivity. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Chromebooks. Depending on the mode, once charged, a Chromebook’s battery lasts for up to 12 hours. Considering the low battery backup time of most laptops, that’s not a bad number.

Microsoft Office

Despite the rivalry between Google and Microsoft, the two have partnered on several occasions to improve the computing experience of their users. This unexpected partnership is also visible in one of the Chromebook’s features. Sounds a bit confusing right? What I mean is you can run Microsoft Office applications on almost all Chromebooks without having to turn to a Windows device.

Cloud Storage

They say, ”with Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. And I say, with a ”Great Chromebook Comes 100 GBs of Free Cloud Storage”. A Chromebook user can benefit from the free cloud storage for at least a couple of years. After the free cloud storage expires, you can go for a subscription of just $1.99 a month.

Average Price Of Chromebook

Chromebooks are divided into tons of categories in terms of display size, data storage capacity, data processing power, and even the brands that have partnered with Google. Therefore, the price bracket of Chromebooks is a big one.

In general, you can find Chromebooks starting from $300 to go up as much as $700. If you intend to buy a touchscreen-enabled Chromebook with some really great features, you will have to pay close to $500.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap Up

Straightforwardly, If there is a war between Chromebooks and general-purpose laptops, the latter would win for sure. But, let’s not forget that Chromebooks are not meant to beat multi-feature laptops. Rather, they have been designed to popularize the use of Google and Android apps.

Chromebooks are quite great for offline data access and other internet-related use. There are so many things that you can do on a Chromebook that wouldn’t be a comfortable option on a general-purpose laptop. Thus, I don’t want to compare Chromebooks with the usual Windows laptops. But even if I have to do it, I wouldn’t prefer one over the other and would consider it a draw.

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