What Is A Mini-ITX Case? The Space-Saving Case!

Mini-ITX cases are a type of computer case that is specifically designed for use with a Mini-ITX motherboard.

what is a mini itx case
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Mini-ITX motherboards are smaller than standard ATX or microATX boards and can be used in compact cases.

What Is A Mini-ITX Case?

It’s perfect for building a small gaming PC or a streaming box. Mini-ITX cases can typically still include many of the same features as larger desktop PCs — such as various I/O ports and room for multiple storage devices.

The mini-ITX form factor has been around since 2002 and has seen several revisions (the last one being in 2010), but it’s still used today by many manufacturers who want to create a small computer that can fit into tight spaces, hence a Mini-ITX case. Whether you’re building your first custom rig or just looking to upgrade your current machine with something new, then we hope this article will help you decide if you want it or not!

Advantages Of A Mini-ITX Case

There are several advantages to choosing a mini-ITX case, although these are very similar to a microATX case:

Mini-ITX cases are smaller than standard cases. This means that you can save space without sacrificing performance. That’s because the components in a mini-ITX setup are similar (if not identical) to those used in standard setups. They are a little smaller than a microATX case too.

Mini-ITX cases are cheaper than standard cases. Smaller is more efficient, and more efficient means lower costs for manufacturers which they pass on to consumers like us. And when you are on a budget, we can consider Mini-ITX cases.  

Mini-ITX cases are more portable than standard cases. Because they’re smaller and lighter than traditional tower designs, it’s easy to move them around when setting up new stations or moving between homes or offices. You can also display them on your desk if that is what you prefer for your setup.

If you are just starting to learn how to build a computer or even just starting to get to know PCs, then learning with a Mini-ITX case can help you with it. It’s small and cheap, which isn’t really such a waste (of time and effort).

Disadvantages Of A Mini-ITX Case

The main disadvantage of a mini-ITX case is that it has a smaller footprint than other types of cases, so you’ll have less room for large components. You may need to use a different power supply, motherboard, GPU (graphics card), CPU cooler, and/or RAM in order to fit into your computer. If you are a heavy user and do things like heavy gaming, programming, and/or rendering like videos and others, then a Mini-ITX case may not be good for your activities. It can limit the airflow inside the case, too, and may lead to overheating. But, if you don’t have any plans on adding additional components in the future or do not play games for long periods, then this shouldn’t be an issue for you. 

Another disadvantage is you may need an alternative power supply: Since the majority of mid-tower PSUs are too big for Mini-ITX builds and cases (and their connectors are often not compatible), many builders go with SFX units instead (which can be bought separately). Another option is modular power supplies which remove unnecessary cables from their packages, so they don’t take up extra space inside your computer case—this allows them to fit in smaller cases like those used in Mini-ITX cases without sacrificing performance.

Average Price Of A Mini-ITX Case

An average price of a mini-ITX case is $60. This is quite affordable compared to full-tower cases, which can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It’s also cheaper than the ATX cases, so in terms of sheer affordability, Mini-ITX cases are among the best you can get.

The mini-ITX case is also very compact and portable. It’s the perfect size for people who often travel or like to bring their PCs with them wherever they go, and it is also recommended if you are a student who lives in an apartment or housing far away from home. If you’re looking to build a gaming PC that can fit in your car, the Mini-ITX cases are definitely worth considering.

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Wrap Up

Mini-ITX cases are a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts, and they’re becoming increasingly common in commercial products as well. This article has provided some basic information about the mini-ITX form factor and how it works with different components, but there’s much more to learn. 

In summary, mini-ITX cases are great for those who want to build a small but powerful PC (and they are very space-saving!). They offer excellent I/O and connectivity options while also being able to fit inside small spaces. If you’d like to know more about computers with a small case like this one or if you want help picking out hardware for your project, feel free to browse through our articles!

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