What Is A SATA SSD? What Are The Advantages Of Using One?

SSDs (Solid State Drives) are the fastest data storing devices available in the world. With SSDs, you can transfer GBs of data within a computer in only a few seconds. Now, this sounds to be a lot of data transfer in almost no time.

what is a sata ssd
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They are challenging the snail-like lazy Hard Disk Drives more than ever before. These hyperfast storage devices have a great future ahead.

It’s already too hard for other types of storage devices to break through the ranks of Solid State Drives and conquer them. Armed with the capability to deliver explosive data processing speed, SSDs are literally advancing towards securing the top spot in the industry of storage devices.

In the last few years alone, SSDs have managed to outsell several types of storage devices. Their demand is rising and so is their worth. Unsurprisingly, SSDs have built up their own kingdom that comprises of few of their few types. Ever heard or read of SATA SSDs? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss in today’s post.


In layman’s terms, a SATA SSD refers to a type of SSD equipped with a SATA interface. Also titled Serial ATA, a SATA SSD is the standard storage solution that delivers results 3-4 times faster than the fastest SATA HDD.

As a widely available data storage solution, a SATA-based SSD is less expensive than any other type of SSD. It is a lightweight and easy-to-use storage device.

Keeping its blazing speed in mind, a SATA-based SSD is best utilized for above-average use in desktop computers and laptops. SATA SSDs were first introduced as the premium storage solution to replace the HDDs in the year 2003.

Top Four Advantages Of Using A SATA SSD

SATA SSDs come with a number of advantages that make them a way better option to go for over their rivals. Follow the subheadings below to learn about the advantages of using SATA Solid State Drives.

Fast Data Processing

For a SATA SSD, speed is probably more important than anything else. A SATA SSD easily outruns a Hard Disk Drive in terms of processing the data. Unlike HDDs, you don’t have to wait for extra few seconds to process or transfer the data while using SATA SSDs.

Cheap Storage Solution

A SATA Solid State Drive costs far less than any other type of storage solution. You can get a SATA-based SSD by spending only half the price of any other type of SSD. While SATA SSDs are a bit slower as compared to other SSDs, their reduced price is still worth going for them.

Power Savers

If you love saving power to cut down on your power bill, SATA SSDs are built for you. They consume power moderately while making no compromise on the data storage speed. In comparison to power-hungry NVMe SSDs, SATA SSDs consume less power.


SATA SSDs don’t have to go through compatibility issues. Currently, SATA is the most common interface in motherboards for data storage devices. SATA interface is so common that you can hardly find a motherboard without one.

The Average Price Of A SATA SSD Explained

The average price of a SATA-based Solid State Drive relies on a few factors such as the storage capacity and the interface version. For example, a 500GB SATA3 SSD offered by some of the most reputable brands costs $55-$65.

These reputable brands include some of the biggest names in the industry of storage solutions like Samsung, SanDisk, and Western Digital.

The same-sized SATA2 SSD would cost you almost half the price of its SATA3-based counterpart. Getting a SATA2 SSD can help you save money but at the expense of reduced data processing speed.

If you double up the storage capacity of a SATA3 SSD to 1TB, its price will go up to $85-$110. Similarly, you can end up paying $170-$200 for a 2TB SATA3 SSD with a reputable brand tag.

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Wrap Up

Wanting to invest in SSDs while putting no significant burden on the wallet? I would recommend you switch to the SATA Solid State Drives. Why? Well, it’s simply because they are smarter, faster, and more reliable than the incredibly slow Hard Disk Drives.

Since SSDs have become the most popular data storage option, you can try them by first opting for a SATA-based SSD. This way, you can have a bit of experience using the SSDs and can go for faster and more powerful types of SSDs according to your needs.

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