What Is A Stand-by UPS? A Basic Power Protection for PCs!

UPS systems and computers share a great bonding together. They are often used together in areas where frequent power breakdowns are not a big deal. In such areas, a UPS provides a much-needed power backup to PC users.

what is a stand by ups

Frequent power breakdowns are a mess and UPS devices are the best solution to them.

These devices provide a reliable and affordable power backup solution to computers. Attach a UPS device to your computer and you would no longer have to save your work progress after every few minutes.

Considering there are several types of UPS devices designed for different purposes, it is often hard to find which one is best suitable for computers or low-power home appliances. If you have done a little bit of research on Google, you may have been familiar with the term Stand-by UPS.

This UPS device is often associated with computers and laptops as a backup power option. But there is more to the overall definition of a Stand-by UPS than just that. And to learn more about a Stand-by UPS, you will have to take a look at its definition below.

What Is A Stand-by UPS?

A type of UPS system, the Stand-by UPS is an entry-level power backup option built for low-power home appliances. A Stand-by UPS relies on the main power of a house or building to power up the connected device while charging the backup battery.

If the main power fails, the Stand-by UPS activates the backup battery and starts supplying the power to the connected device. Since the UPS system switches off the inverter after the power breakup, it is also referred to as offline UPS.

Unlike heavy-duty UPS systems, a Stand-by UPS is only beneficial for machines that require a few minutes of power backup to avoid the damage that can potentially be caused by a power breakdown

As a portable device, a Stand-by UPS is the cheapest power backup solution for power breakdowns. Although it can be used to supply power to several home appliances, it is considered best to backup computers and laptops.

Features Of A Stand-by UPS

Every type of UPS provides more or less the same sort of features. But it is the number of features that make a difference to the overall feature package of a UPS. Since a Stand-by UPS is the basic level of the UPS system, it offers only a couple of features which have been covered below.

Battery Backup

A battery backup is the biggest feature of a Stand-by UPS system. As discussed earlier, a Stand-by UPS charges the battery through the main power supply and utilizes it when the power is off.

The battery backup feature of a Stand-by UPS provides the PC users with extra few minutes to save their work progress and go for a planned shutdown. Doing so allows PC users to prevent damage to the computer hardware that can cost dozens of dollars in repairs.

Surge Protection

Voltage spikes can be disastrous for computers. A significant rise in voltage can damage your computer hardware as much as an unplanned shutdown. You might need a Stand-by UPS to protect your computer from power surges.

A Stand-by UPS acts as a defensive mechanism against the annoying voltage spikes. It provides surge protection to the connected device by regulating the voltage which eventually avoids any mishap.

Uses Of Stand-by UPS

A Stand-by UPS is heavily used by PC users as an affordable power backup option. It is a great power resource for computers to combat power breakdowns. The Stand-by UPS systems and computers often form a duo in areas affected by frequent power breakdowns.

The duo of a Stand-by UPS system and a computer proves to be a great alternative to other backup power solutions. However, it is noteworthy that the use of a Stand-by UPS is not just limited to computers. It is also used to provide backup power to a variety of devices including modems, telecommunication hardware, and VoIP equipment.

Average Price Of A Stand-by UPS

A Stand-by UPS is an affordable power supplying device for most computer users. Depending on the brand and the battery timing, a good-quality Stand-by UPS will cost you $50-$150. As a general rule, the more you will pay the more you will get from the product. If you want to increase the battery timing to additional few minutes, you will have to pay more than a hundred bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap Up

Losing unsaved work progress is no less than a painful experience for most PC users. It literally turns out to be an anger-triggering phenomenon that requires one to start their work all over again. And that is where a portable power backup option like a Stand-by UPS comes. A Stand-by UPS is enough to provide a basic level of protection to a computer.

Whether it’s the voltage spikes or the power breakdowns, a Stand-by UPS works well to protect the hardware devices with sensitive components. It offers a good package at the price of roughly a hundred bucks. If the basic level of protection is not what you are looking for, you can definitely skip the Stand-by UPS for a better option.

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