What Is A USB Hub? An Easy Solution For Adding Extra Ports!

A USB Hub is as common as any other hardware in the world of PC. Short for Universal Serial Bus Hub, it’s a useful device to get additional ports for your computer system.

what is a usb hub
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Besides allowing the PC users to expand the ports socket, a USB Hub is generally a better replacement for the PC’s built-in USB ports. I know this sounds to be the shortest possible definition and that you want to dig more into it.

Therefore, I have penned this long piece of post to make sure you learn all about the USB Hub. This post will serve as an Encyclopedia of USB Hub for the audience and would answer most of their questions.

What Is A USB Hub?

A Universal Serial Bus Hub is a device that features multiple ports to connect multiple devices/multiple USB devices to a computer. Generally, a computer comes with a few built-in USB ports which are not enough for some users. The old computers featured only a couple of ports. 

To deal with the shortage of USB ports, a USB Hub comes into action allowing the PC users to add a few more devices or USBs to the computer. Unlike the old computers with limited features, the latest generation computers are used for multiple professional purposes giving birth to the need for additional USB ports.

How Does A USB Hub Work?

When the Universal Serial Bus Hub plugs into the computer, it allows the latter to control the operations. The computer, which now acts as the host, takes over the operations and starts scanning the devices plugged into the Universal Serial Bus Hub. It takes not more than a few seconds for the computer to scan the devices and collect data about their types. 

This allows the computer to assign an address to each one of the devices according to their data transfer strength. The computer then transfers the data packets to the USB Hub with the aim to share them with the devices. Now the USB Hub takes the charge and shares the data packets with the connected devices according to their requirements. Besides sharing the data, the USB Hub also shares the power with the devices equally.  

What Is A USB Hub Used For?

A USB Hub is used to deal with the common issue of the shortage of USB ports. If your computer’s built-in ports are occupied by devices and you need additional ports to connect more devices to the computer, you can use a Universal Serial Bus Hub which acts as ports extending machine.

Types Of USB Hubs

When it comes to the Universal Serial Bus solutions, there are two types of USB Hubs which are listed with short descriptions below.

PoweredThis type of USB Hub depends on a reliable external source of power to run the connected devices
Non-PoweredThis type of USB Hub requires the computer’s power to run the connected devices

Components And Parts Of USB Hubs

A modern Universal Serial Bus Hub comprises two main components that are responsible for its functioning.

Hub Controller

This part of the Universal Serial Bus Hub shares its configuration with the PC for connectivity. Additionally, Hub Controller also manages the devices attached to the USB Hub.

Hub Repeater

It comes second in the list of USB Hub components. The Hub Repeater carries out the hardware reset and blocks/unblocks the signals.

All USB Hub Brands

Although there are unnumbered brands offering exceptional quality Universal Serial Bus Hubs, only the best ones have been added to the table below.

HooTooProvides remarkable C-type USB Hubs
Plugable An influential trader of next-generation USB Hubs
EZQuestBased in the U.S, it deals in all types of USB Hubs
TargusProducer of powerful Universal Serial Bus Hubs
VAVAFounded in 2015, they manufacture good quality USB Hubs
UgreenIt markets the C-type USB Hubs for enhanced visuals
LentionIt builds cool USB Hubs for game-gadgets
DellA household name for Universal Serial Bus Hubs
KensingtonShips different types of USB Hubs across the world
AccellDesigns futuristic USB Hubs for gamers
ElgatoDevelops the flagship Thunderbolt™ 3 USB Hubs
SabrentIt is known for delivering up-to-the-mark 7 ports USB Hubs
AnkerThe brand offers compact-sized Universal Serial Bus Hubs
TP-LinkDominates the Chinese industry of USB Hubs
AUKEYA big name in the world of USB solutions
AmazonBasicsA division of Amazon that manufactures tech products
AcasisIt deals in sleek design budget-based USB Hubs
CaldigitA renowned USB Hub brand that operates in the U.S

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap Up

The significance of a USB Hub could be recognized by the fact that it has transformed our PC experience into an extraordinary one. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has taken USB solutions to the next level. 

Who doesn’t like to connect multiple devices to a computer and that too effortlessly? Yeah, we all do. Lastly, thank God, we don’t have to deal with the dust-filled and super-lazy built-in computer ports anymore. Frankly speaking, the world of PC is getting a lot better with USB Hubs.

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