What Is A Virtual Router? A Low-Cost Routing Solution!

Wireless home networking requires the inclusion of routers as much as it requires modems. As we are moving into a digitalized future, we are going to witness routers playing a crucial role in bringing us close to the world of the internet.

what is a virtual router
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But what about the underrated Virtual Routers that have been held responsible for transforming the concept of routing?

We are already aware of wireless routers and their capability to provide us with a gateway to wireless internet service. They are part of every common Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

And why suddenly they have started to get more attention than Wireless Routers? Well, that’s the core subject of this article.

To get easy answers, you will have to go through this post. Skipping the technical terminologies, I have tried to make the content as simple and understandable as I could. I hope you will enjoy the post while learning about Virtual Routers at the same time.

What Is A Virtual Router?

Based on software, a Virtual Router allows your computer or laptop to be turned into a router. Like a wireless router, a Virtual Router (computer, laptop) functions as a radio signal broadcaster and data traffic controller.

It manages traffic between devices and the internet modem. While a wireless router exists physically, a Virtual Router doesn’t. A Virtual router is all about routing software that is installed in the host device (computer, laptop) to make it work like a wireless router.

After turning the computer into a Virtual Router, you can use it to provide wireless internet access to other devices. A Virtual Router is a low-cost, secure and fast routing solution. It is used in places where the demand for multiple networks is up.

Uses Of Virtual Routers

Virtual Routers are becoming a common routing solution for internet consumers. Their use differs from one sector to another. To get the details about the use of Virtual Routers, you can check out the following content.

Home Networking

Virtual Routers are more reliable than general routers. While some use general routers in wireless home networks for internet connectivity, others use Virtual Routers instead. Despite Virtual Routers being still far away from beating general routers, they are preferred by a lot of internet users.

The home-based Internet users find Virtual Routers to be an affordable alternative to general routers. The soaring prices of routers are one of the reasons home-based internet users are quickly turning to Virtual Routers.

After all, why would somebody want to pay for a separate hardware device when all they can do is just turn their PC into a router without even paying a penny?

Enterprise Networking

An affordable option to extend networking, a Virtual Router is best suited for enterprises and cloud storage. Virtual Routers are often used to boost the overall security of enterprise networks.

They provide a reliable networking alternative to enterprises that require fast data sharing. Virtual Routers reduce the enterprise network cost, improve the networking standards and provide efficient data traffic. They allow the enterprises to set up multiple networks each for their separate needs.

Advantages Of A Virtual Router

Setting up a Virtual Router is more advantageous than buying a general router. It sounds to be a fairer deal as compared to any other type of routing solution. Let’s check it out below.

Money Saver

Get a Virtual Router and save your hard-earned dollars. How? It’s simple! If you want to get a wireless router, you will need to pay for the hardware device. On the other hand, a Virtual Router requires no additional hardware device. It just requires a host device like a computer or a laptop to provide routing features to other devices.

Efficient Networking

Virtual Routers offer an extremely efficient networking experience to enterprises and households. They direct data traffic to the requested devices in an efficient manner while minimizing the chances of errors. A Virtual Router provides a fast data pathway to connected devices that deliberately enhances home or office-based networking.


A Virtual Router lets you taste the freedom of customizing the software settings as per your needs. This includes changing the router’s password and the firewall settings in the easiest possible way. While a general router allows customization, it often is limited.

If you are not into routers, it is also a bit tricky to make changes to a general router’s configuration. For a Virtual Router, it requires no professional literacy and the changes could be made easily.

Instant Location Change

A Virtual Router supported by a VPN can be of great advantage for most internet consumers. With a VPN-backed Virtual Router, they can change their location in almost no time. It is as simple as changing your location on a smartphone using a VPN application. A VPN-enabled router is supposed to deliver results faster than the one without it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap Up

Virtual Routers are a fine solution for wireless home networking and office-based networking. They are cost-effective, smart, and easy to set up options for routing. You can use a Virtual Router to create multiple wireless networks.

A Virtual Router doesn’t require extra space in terms of a hardware device or a long extra network cable to connect to the modem. One of the biggest benefits of having a Virtual Router is that it can be set up anywhere and anytime with ease.

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