What Is A Woofer? The Backbone Of Speakers!

What Is A Woofer?

A woofer is a speaker that can produce low bass frequencies. It’s called a woofer because a dog’s bark (which is known as ‘woof’) imitates a loudspeaker’s high frequency, which is also somewhat like a dog’s bark. The woofer design was patented in 1932 by Albert L. Thuras, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that Edgar Villchur created the first commercially successful subwoofer. A subwoofer is simply an extensive version of the regular woofer with a larger cabinet, bigger magnet, and larger voice coil. But basically, everything is still the same—concept and design. It all comes down to the size and frequency range.

The term “subwoofer” refers specifically to large woofer drivers designed to reproduce very low-frequency sounds (usually below 60 Hz). The word “sub” comes from the fact that these small drivers are often mounted on or below the floorboards in cars or enclosed spaces like cabinets or rooms in houses where they can be hidden away while still producing powerful bass sounds. These speakers can be found in home theater systems, car audio systems, and even in some headphones. Woofers are designed to produce sound waves with a length of around 12 inches or more.

How Does A Woofer Work?

A woofer has a cone or diaphragm in order to produce sound. The cone or diaphragm will move back and forth, pushing air out of the space between the cone and an outer surface while it moves forward. This creates vibrations in the air that travel as sound waves through your home and into your ears.

A woofer works by converting an electrical signal into sound waves through electromagnetism by using a coil (or voice coil) attached to a cone that moves in and out depending on the amount of current that passes through it. The more current that passes through the coil, the faster it spins around its axis and pushes against the air causing a vibration that creates sound waves at specific frequencies depending on how fast it rotates around its axis (speed).

This design aimed to produce low-frequency sounds for movie theaters without having to put additional speakers in each seat row or theater seat. Today there are many different types of subwoofers available, including sealed, vented, and bandpass designs, depending on what kind of performance characteristics you need from your system.

Features Of A Woofer

In car audio systems, woofers are used to reproduce low notes within the range of 80 Hz and 200 Hz. They’re placed behind seats in order to provide maximum sound without taking up much space or adding too much weight to your vehicle’s chassis (the body), which is a good feature for cars.

In-home audio systems, there are two types of woofers: passive and powered passive (also known as bi-amp). Both types use similar technology but differ in their setup methods and use. A passive woofer has an amplifier built into it which provides power directly from your receiver or amplifier; a powered passive uses its own amplifier with less energy than other models but also costs less money than traditional setups do because you don’t need additional equipment like crossover networks or satellite speakers.

The most important thing to remember about woofers is that they are designed to reproduce low frequencies. Low-frequency sounds are generally below 200 Hz or so and can be anything from bass guitar to the rumble of thunder. If a speaker creates sound at any frequency above this range, it’s called a tweeter (these can sometimes be referred to as super tweeters), which is the main feature of a woofer.

Uses Of A Woofer

The woofer is the speaker responsible for producing low frequencies in a music system. In a home theater system, a subwoofer handles most of the bass, while smaller speakers have mid-range and high frequencies.

Woofers are usually found in PA systems and home theatres. The woofer is used in car audio too, which generally refers to speakers that are mounted in an automobile’s trunk or under the seats. Most cars come with factory-installed speakers, but they may not be very good quality, so upgrading them might make sense if you want better sound quality while driving around town.

Average Price For A Woofer

The average price of a woofer ranges from $30 to $200, depending on the size and brand. You can find woofers that are as small as 6.5 inches and others that are more than 18 inches in diameter. A typical price for a good quality woofer is around $100, but this number can vary based on many factors, including the model type, size, and brand of your speaker.

Suppose you’re looking for an affordable option. In that case, you may want to consider buying refurbished speakers or used speakers instead of new ones since they will be less expensive than buying them new from a retailer such as Amazon or Best Buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap Up

The woofer is one of the most important components in a speaker system. Without it, you would not get any bass response from your speakers. They are also very easy to install, making them a good choice for someone who wants better sound quality but doesn’t know much about home theatre systems. 

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