What Is An ATX12V Power Supply? The Better ATX PSU!

There’s a lot of confusion out there when it comes to ATX12V power supplies. Some people think they’re the same as ATX PSUs, while others think they’re different.

what is an atx12v power supply
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 So what are these terms? And why should you care about them? Let’s take a look at what makes a standard ATX12V PSU.

What Is An ATX12V Power Supply?

An ATX12V power supply is the most common form of power supply unit (PSU) today. ATX12V is a slightly updated version of the ATX design, with an additional pin for a third line-level audio channel as well as an updated CPU socket interface to support newer chipsets from Intel and AMD. It has a 24-pin design, which is one of the reasons why newer processors require an ATX12V PSU instead of an older model ATX unit.

You might wonder what the difference between the ATX12V with the EPS12V is, well, the EPS12V has two extra pins that are meant to be used for connecting 8-pin PCIe expansion cards, while the ATX12V doesn’t have these two pins.

Features Of An ATX12V Power Supply

An ATX12V power supply is an essential part of your computer and needs to be reliable. It converts the AC electricity from the wall into DC electricity that’s used by your computer components.

The main difference between an ATX12V power supply and older ATX power supplies is efficiency: With an efficient design, you’ll reduce the amount of energy wasted as heat inside your computer case. This means less fan noise and lower energy bills for you!

In addition to this improved efficiency, there are also a few other features that set it apart from other types of PSUs, like the 24-pin design providing enough connections for most modern components (like graphics cards). If you want something with more connectors or options than this one offers, like USB ports or SATA connections, you might want to get something else (like an SFX12V model).

Advantages Of An ATX12V Power Supply

An ATX12V power supply offers a list of advantages over older ATX models, first is efficient power delivery. An ATX12V power supply provides more efficient use of the electricity you provide it with, which means better performance from your computer components and less wasted electricity.

Second, lower-noise operation. Because they’re more efficient than older ATX models, most modern PSUs operate much quieter than they do on standby mode. Meaning, that if you’re using a PC that’s plugged into an outlet right next to where you sleep or work (or anywhere else), its hum will be far less noticeable than before.

Lastly, faster and more reliable than older PSUs. Because they’ve adopted newer technologies like PFC (Power Factor Correction) and LLC (Low Load Compensation), modern ATX12V PSUs are able to reduce their output voltages while maintaining steady current levels; this translates into faster boot times for your computer since there are less waiting around for all those bits inside your CPU/GPU/RAM combo unit to get ready for action before anything useful happens.

Disadvantages Of An ATX12V Power Supply

There are a few disadvantages of an ATX12V power supply. The first is that they are more expensive than their older counterparts, but you get what you pay for, and the higher price tag comes with better quality components. Second, ATX12V PSUs can weigh more than their predecessors and may not fit in your old case due to size constraints. Thirdly, newer power supplies have a higher failure rate than older ones due to being built with better parts and implemented technologies; however, this does not mean that all newer models will fail sooner or later!

Lastly, it can be difficult to find an ATX12V PSU because there aren’t many manufacturers making them at this time. This means if something goes wrong with your computer’s current power supply unit (PSU), there won’t be many physical stores to run into for them to check your PSU.

Average Price Of An ATX12V Power Supply

The average price of an ATX12V power supply is between $40 and $80. The price of an ATX12V power supply depends on the quality of the unit, the number of connectors, and the power output. The best units will cost around $70 or more, but there are cheaper alternatives that you can find for less than $50.

The price of an ATX12V power supply depends on the quality of the unit, the number of connectors, and power output. The higher the quality, the better performance you will get from your computer hardware. Also, if you have a lot of devices that need to be powered off your PC’s internal system (such as hard drives or graphics cards), then it’s worth investing in a high-quality power supply because it will allow more connections without causing any issues with stability or voltage drops across each device.

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Wrap Up

Congratulations! You now know what an ATX12V power supply is. Maybe you’ve even learned something about the history of this particular type of computer component. If so, then we hope that you can use these facts to impress your friends and family members with your knowledge of classic computing hardware!

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