What Is An EPS12V Power Supply? PSU For High-End Builds!

The EPS12V power supply is a type of computer power supply that was first made popular in 2008. While this type of PSU isn’t necessary for those purchasing entry-level computers (even though it’s named Entry-Level Power Supply Specification).

what is an eps12v power supply
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It works with motherboards with the EPS12V 4-pin connector, commonly found on high-end boards due to their increased voltages and amperage requirements.

It can be quite useful when paired with high-end boards that have multiple GPUs or CPUs because they need more power than an ordinary PC would require. 

These types of computers typically cost much more than their less powerful counterparts, so having an efficient way to provide them with all the electricity they need becomes even more important. So what is an EPS12V power supply exactly?

What Is An EPS12V Power Supply?

Intel Corporation created the EPS12V specification as part of its efforts to develop an industry standard for server-grade computers, which would help manufacturers streamline their production processes while reducing costs.

An EPS12V power supply is a type of computer power supply used in PCs and servers. It provides 12 volts DC at up to 2 amperes or 24 watts. Its main purpose is to support the processor and memory modules with the 5-volt power that they require to function normally. To do this, it must be able to deliver at least 2A continuously or 4A intermittently on that particular output line.

The EPS12V connector has eight pins instead of the typical 4-pin used for older ATX power supplies. The extra pins are used for monitoring and control functions, which are essential for a high-performance system with lots of expansion cards that draw lots of current from your power supply. In addition to these extra features, an EPS12V power supply has a higher current capacity than ATX12V and can deliver more power through its rails than an ATX12V unit can deliver through its rails (hence the name “EPS”, or Entry-Level Power Supply Specification).

Features Of An EPS12V Power Supply

When it comes to choosing a power supply for your PC build, there are two famous types: ATX and EPS12V. While both power supplies are capable of powering your computer, the difference between them is how much power they can provide to the motherboard and other components. An EPS12V power supply provides more wattage than an ATX power supply, making it better suited to high-end builds where you have more components that require more juice (like multiple graphics cards).

An EPS12V power supply is a computer power supply designed to deliver more power at lower voltage levels than standard ATX power supplies. In addition to the higher efficiency of an EPS12V power supply, it can also provide multiple voltages, such as 5 volts and 12 volts which are used by different components inside your computer.

The high efficiency of an EPS12V power supply means that it uses less energy for the same amount of work than a regular ATX unit. This is important because most components in modern PCs draw electricity from the main board through cables. An efficient source of juice can be crucial if you want them all working smoothly together without wasting energy or overheating due to excessive heat buildup in certain areas.

Advantages Of An EPS12V Power Supply

Here are some of the reasons why you should use an EPS12V power supply: One is that they’re more efficient than regular ATX power supplies. The EPS12V specification allows a greater efficiency level, and this means less heat, which means less noise from your computer.

Further, they provide more power to high-end motherboards. Some motherboards require more power than standard ATX supplies can deliver, but with an EPS12V power supply, you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’ll work for your PC build.

Thirdly, they’re more reliable—the circuits in them have been tested extensively during their design process, so you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong.

Disadvantages Of An EPS12V Power Supply

While an EPS12V power supply has many advantages over the standard ATX power supply, it also has some disadvantages. First of all, because they are so much more powerful and efficient than their counterparts, they cost more to manufacture. This means that they can be several times as expensive as a regular ATX power supply when you buy them online or in person. 

Another disadvantage is that they can only be used with computers designed specifically for them; if your computer doesn’t have an EPS12V connector on its motherboard (or if you don’t want to upgrade), then you will need a different kind of adapter before you can use this kind of power supply.

Average Price Of An EPS12V Power Supply

The average price of an EPS12V power supply is $65, while an 8-pin EPS12V PSU will cost you around $75. The difference in pricing doesn’t come from the quality of components used in the PSU—it’s simply because there are more wires attached to the 8-pin version, which makes it more expensive to manufacture. Although the two types are very similar and can be used interchangeably with no noticeable effect on performance or reliability, we recommend sticking to either 4-pin or 8-pin PSUs for your PC builds.

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Wrap Up

So, now that you know what an EPS12V is, we hope you feel more confident in your computer repair skills or PC building! We also hope this article helped you understand what an EPS12V power supply is. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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