What Is An OLED Monitor? The Elite Monitor Breed!

With more and more Monitor breeds making it to the consumer market, the industry of Monitors is growing exceptionally fast. Thanks to the highly advanced Monitors, now we can taste the experience of 4k and 8k videos.

We have more types of Monitors now than ever before. Since we have already discussed LED Monitors in the previous post, it’s time to talk a little bit about OLED Monitors.

So, what are we going to discuss about OLED Monitors in this post? Simple enough, we will talk about their definition, the main features, and the science behind their working mechanism.

What Is An OLED Monitor?

An OLED Monitor is a type of monitor that features Organic Light Emitting Diodes for sharp and super clear display video. Unlike LCD or LED, It is a flat Monitor with no backlighting functionality. OLED Monitors offer high-definition video results supported by superior colors and wide viewing angles. Powered by advanced technology, OLED Monitors are more expensive than LED Monitors.

Characteristics Of OLED Monitors

For your ease, the characteristics of OLED Monitors have been mentioned below.

Full Viewing Angle

The best characteristic of OLED Monitors is that they offer a full viewing angle. In comparison to OLED Monitors, the LCDs and LEDs only come with limited viewing angles. The full viewing angle feature of OLED Monitors makes the subject of high demand.

Low Power Consumption

Like LEDs, OLED Monitors consume less power to operate. They are quite good at handling the operations without relying on high power supplies. This comes as a key point for OLED Monitors which further increases their value.

Rich Colors

OLED Monitors are best known for delivering rich colors. Their range of colors is broader and so is the quality. It is because of the rich colors that the OLED Monitors can provide the users with extremely impressive display video results.

Fast Refresh Rates

OLED Monitors offer faster refresh rates than any other type of Monitor. Compared to LCDs or LEDs, OLED Monitors are super fast at refresh rates. Their refresh rates outrun and outweigh the refresh rates of the above-mentioned types of Monitors.

Crystal Clear Video

You can have a crystal-clear video experience with OLED Monitors. They offer ultra-sharp and super high-definition video results to the users. Their video quality is so high that you can spot almost any minor or major detail. The video quality of OLED Monitors represents their finest characteristic and there can be no debate about it.

How Does An OLED Monitor Work?

There is no major difference in the working mechanism of OLED Monitors and LED monitors except for a few factors. Yeah, both the OLED Monitors and LED Monitors to work in a similar fashion with just a few dissimilarities. I know you are confused now and you want more clarification on the working mechanism of the OLED Monitor.

OLED Monitor consists of tons of OLED diodes with each carrying six layers. Out of the six layers, two possess organic properties. These layers with organic properties make all the difference in the working mechanism of OLED Monitors. To understand it further, let’s talk about the OLED Monitors functionality.

When the diodes receive the current, their organic layers produce light. In order to screen the image or the video, the light passes through a color refiner and the screen features the result.

Average Price Of An OLED Monitor

OLED Monitors are one the most expensive types of Monitors out there. Their soaring prices reflect their high demand and increasing popularity. Starting from $1200 for a fairly fine OLED Monitor, their prices can be as much as $3000-$4000. Of course, the bigger the price the better the features.

This general rule of pricing applies to OLED Monitors as well. An OLED Monitor with a price tag of $1200 will do quite well for a great computing experience. This should be enough to play ultra-high-definition videos in an uninterrupted manner. The OLED Monitors with bigger price tags offer bigger sizes and better refresh rates. It is no surprise that they come with more features than their cheaper counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap Up

Despite being super expensive, OLED Monitors are cool to be owned. Their premium display video capability is next level. The features and characteristics of OLED Monitors speak up for the price. While some believe these devices are overhyped, I do believe, they are not.

Considering their characteristics and advantages over other types of Monitors, their hype could be justified. As confessed in the previous blog, I am relying on an old HP monitor for now. But if ever I have the financial resources, I will want to go for OLED Monitors with my eyes closed.

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