What Is An Ultrabook Laptop? Features Explained!

As funny as it sounds when I first heard the word Ultrabook, I thought it to be some kind of device used to access digital books. It sounded like a laptop built specifically for the book worms.

what is an ultrabook laptop
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To my surprise, Ultrabook was more than just that. Over the years, Ultrabook has proved its worth.

While you can access online books using an Ultrabook, it is not what it has been built for. Ultrabook is an overall computing package for computer users. Didn’t get to my point? I would recommend you to head over to the definition of the Ultrabook down below.

What Is An Ultrabook Laptop?

Introduced by Intel, Ultrabook Laptop is just like any other laptop used as a personal computer. It is a thin and lightweight laptop with mid-level configurations for an above-average great computing experience. Generally considered to be expensive, Ultrabook Laptops are one of the highest standards of portable computers.

The Ultrabook Laptops are powered by mid-level intel processors and usually 256 GB of Solid-State Drive to offer higher performance than most laptops found on the market. Released in 2011, Ultrabooks Laptops first came with brand tags of several computer manufacturers including Lenovo and ASUS.

Now you can find several additional computer brands making into the list of Intel’s partners for Ultrabook Laptops. Unsurprisingly, Ultrabook laptops are often compared to MacBooks for their exceptional design and computing capabilities.

Features Of Ultrabook Laptop

To be specific, there can be as many as more than a dozen features of Ultrabook Laptops. Given the fact the current post is a short one, I have reduced the features section to a few key points. Below you can learn about each major feature found in an Ultrabook Laptop.


Ultrabook Laptops hold a great reputation for the fact they can be carried anywhere. All thanks to the lightweight body, an Ultrabook is unlikely to cause you trouble transporting it from one location to another. It is such a huge advantage for the traveling freaks who can’t refrain themselves from accompanying compact-sized gadgets on their trips.

Battery Life

Whether old or new, laptops are notoriously famous for dying out very soon. Their battery doesn’t last more than 3-4 hours. However, modern laptops, including Ultrabooks, have changed this trend to a great extent.

Thankfully, Ultrabook Laptops have set a new standard battery timing for portable computers. Whether low-or high usage, their battery can last more than 8 hours. The extended battery timing comes as a premium feature of an Ultrabook Laptop.


A large window to see through the laptop is more than mandatory for a satisfactory experience. Acknowledging the growing craze for bigger screens and crispy graphics, Intel’s business partners ensured to back their laptops with great a display.

An Ultrabook owns an FHD display for 4K visual contents with standard sizes ranging from 13-15 inches. Ideally, the display packages offer a great configuration for high-end use.

Thunderbolt Ports

Sensing the devaluation of ancient USB ports, Ultrabook manufacturers are quickly turning to the increasingly popular thunderbolts (USB-C) as the primary ports. Thunderbolts are way faster than most of the conventionally used USB ports. As of now, most Ultrabook manufacturers have already switched to the thunderbolt ports and the rest of them are planning to follow the majority.

RAM And Processor

Ultrabook is capable of delivering fast results, thanks to its powerful comb of RAM (Random Access Memory) and processor. The laptop features multiple GBs of DDR4 RAM supported by a frequency of more than 4000MHz. Most versions of Ultrabooks built by different PC manufacturers come with the Intel Core i5 or i7 for super speedy data processing.

The Lifespan Of Ultrabook Laptop

The general estimate of lifespan applies to Ultrabook the same as to other laptops. Having said this, a high-quality Ultrabook can live 5-7 years. While the Ultrabook can survive more than a decade, it would be unable to function as effectively as it could within the said lifespan.

It is simply because, as time passes, more and more updated applications make it to the market. Designed for the current technology standards, the Ultrabook would be unable to run applications built for higher standard laptops. Thus, eventually, the laptop will have to be retired and you will have to get a new one.

Average Price Of An Ultrabook Laptop

Ultrabooks are one of the most expensive laptops available in the laptop market. They compete with the super expensive Macbooks in terms of prices. A rough estimate of the average price of an Ultrabook Laptop is more than $1000.

If you go to the laptop market, you are unlikely to find an Ultrabook costing you less than that. According to the maximum estimate, the price of an Ultrabook could touch the figure of $1700-$1800.

Generally, an Ultrabook costing anywhere between $1000-$1200 could be a not-so-bad deal for high-end use. However, If you want to play advanced graphics video games, you might want to add hundred dollars to the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap Up

For mid or high-level usage, Ultrabooks are one of the best options available in the laptop market. The Ultrabook Laptops are engaged in a battle with Apple’s MacBooks for quite a long time. There seems to be a cold war between these two types of laptops with nobody completely dominating the market.

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